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Noordhoek announces new-build vessel names
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 10:00:00 EST

Noordhoek announces new-build vessel namesAs the keel laying for both of Noordhoek's new build vessel took place last December 2008, the naming of those new build was inevitable. Several entries were submitted during a call for suggestions in which Noordhoek employees were asked to propose vessels names that reflect the identity of the company.

An internal advisory committee then made the final selection.

The two vessels will be named:

Noordhoek Constructor
Noordhoek Pathfinder

These were chosen to signify the clear focus Noordhoek has on its market. Noordhoek Constructor reflects the fact that the vessel will operate mainly within the offshore construction industry. Noordhoek Pathfinder reflects the exploration aspect of marine survey work, since many of Noordhoek's survey operations will involve exploration of previously uncharted areas.

The Noordhoek Constructor is a Dynamically Positioned Diving (Saturation) Support Vessel currently under construction at the Niigata Yard in Japan for delivery Q4 2009.

The Noordhoek Pathfinder is a Dynamically Positioned ROV Survey Support Vessel currently under construction at the De Hoop Shipyard in Foxhol, The Netherlands for delivery begin Q1 2010.

"These are excellent choices to mark our strong commitment to the subsea market." commented Leen Noordhoek, Managing Director. "The names Noordhoek Constructor and Noordhoek Pathfinder reflect the company's focus and our determination to further develop our presence as a leading subsea player."

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