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SeaBotix awarded 27 LBV order by US Army
Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 @ 12:00:00 EST

SeaBotix awarded 27 LBV order by US ArmyThe US Army TACOM has awarded SeaBotix Inc. a contract valued at up to $1.86M to deliver 27 of its LBV150SE-5 remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), with an option to extend the contract for additional systems through 2011.

The LBV150SE-5 is a unique, 5-Thruster ROV accepting a tremendous variety of options including manipulators with five different attachments, sonar, tracking, laser scaling, metal thickness and cathodic protection probes, and many others. Definitely the most unique option for this LBV is the Crawler Skid Assembly (CSA).

The CSA is an in-field add-on that includes a powerful Vortex generator with four independent drive wheels. The Vortex generator provides ~20Kg of suction force allowing the Operator to "attract" the LBV to various objects and drive like a tank, keeping all sensors perfectly stable in relation to the area under inspection. Since the LBV is fixed to the surface, it greatly reduces Operator fatigue in adverse currents and conditions. This feature provides absolute stability, rendering the highest quality sensor output possible. As it does not require thrusters or magnets, the LBV150SE-5 does not churn the sediment around the area of inspection and works on any solid material including metal, concrete, wood, and composites.

The Army configuration includes a Tritech Micron Scanning sonar, 3-Jaw Grabber with Cutter Head attachment, LYYN video enhancement, digital video recording, and number of Crawler Skid Assemblies that can be shared among a group of vehicles.

The SeaBotix LBV150SE-5 is rapidly becoming the choice of militaries worldwide in applications ranging from IED and contraband clearance to general inspection in the areas of ship husbandry and port security, as well as critical applications ensuring the integrity of bridges, dams, seawalls, piers, and dry docks, The US Army is the latest military to acquire this unique technology, with others including military and Federal agencies in the US, UK, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, Germany, and several other domestic and foreign clients.

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