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Chesapeake Technology Inc. holds successfull fourth annual workshop
Date: Friday, January 30, 2009 @ 10:30:00 EST

Chesapeake Technology Inc. holds successfull fourth annual workshopChesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) recently delivered its fourth annual workshop with success. Over fifty professionals from the US, Canada, Brazil and Japan participated in the three day hands-on training seminar which was held in Seattle from December 2 to December 4.

CTI, an up-and-coming leader in the underwater survey industry, focused the workshop on the use of sidescan and sub-bottom sonar software, in particular CTI's flagship software, SonarWiz.MAP.

"It was amazing to watch such a diverse group of surveyors, academics and military users exchanging ideas and techniques," commented John Gann, CTI's Vice President of Software Development and facilitator of the Seattle workshop. "These workshops teach us a lot about how our customers are using SonarWiz.MAP and it's an invaluable process for the improvement of our software."

CTI aims to provide interactive training workshops so that clients can gain a practical appreciation for the powerful sonar software applications. Clients are encouraged to attend in order to share real-world techniques, tips and solutions that were developed through their own day-to-day use of the software.

Day one of the workshop consisted of classroom sessions led by Chesapeake engineers. Topics included real-time sonar surveying and mosaic post-processing techniques. On day two, three two-hour sessions were held aboard the research vessel Golden Dolphin. Onboard, participants were able to apply their knowledge from day one by running SonarWiz.MAP in real-time. Participants were also taught how to acquire sub-bottom data in a practical environment. Techniques for acquiring and processing magnetometer data were also demonstrated.

Clients were later offered the opportunity to engage in one-on-one sessions with Chesapeake engineers. The workshop concluded after a morning review session and enhancement survey on day three. "After two days of sharing ideas a very rewarding part of the event involved giving users the opportunity to guide future development of CTI releases by voting on a list of usersuggested enhancements," explained Gann. "The most popular enhancements will ideally be added to SonarWiz.MAP in 2009."

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