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OCEANO 2500Ti Ultimate Deep-Sea Acoustic Release reaches new depths
Date: Friday, January 23, 2009 @ 11:00:00 EST

OCEANO 2500Ti Ultimate Deep-Sea Acoustic Release reaches new depthsOceanlab, part of the University of Aberdeen, used four of IXSEA's OCEANO 2500Ti-Ultimate Depth Acoustic Releases, model AR891B2T onboard a seabed lander, as part of the HADEEP Project in the Tonga and Kermadec trenches that run North-South between Samoa and New Zealand.

In July 2007, the lander was deployed 5 times in the Kermadec trenches at 6133, 7049, 8170, 9036 and finally at 10,014 metres (an un-official world record for a successfully recovered acoustic release) from the German research vessel FS Sonne. The landers were used to film deep sea life in full colour, some of which had been unseen in their natural environments, as well as collecting water samples. The IXSEA releases were successfully used to locate and range on the apparatus whilst in place on the seabed; then released, tracked to the surface and recovered safely onboard.

The AR891B2T acoustic releases are custom built with high quality grade Titanium, providing a service depths of 12,000m and 2,500kg Safe Working and Release Loads. The mechanism was tested prior to dispatch to Oceanlab, at 1420 Bars pressure (13,200 msw).

"The acoustic performances of the OCEANO 2500 series are designed to allow ranges well in excess of 12,000m in good environmental conditions, thanks to the choice of frequency range used, the secure and reliable command coding and to the use of associated TT801 Deck Set for remote control," said Dr Alan Jamieson-Oceanlab, HADEEP project leader.

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