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LinkQuest discharge measurement profilers sold to 10 countries
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2009 @ 11:00:00 EST

LinkQuest discharge measurement profilers sold to 10 countriesLinkQuest has now sold its FlowQuest discharge measurement profilers to 10 countries since the product introduction less than a year ago. These systems have been used by various commercial companies, government organizations, research institutes and universities to measure discharge in rivers, estuaries, natural streams and constructed channels in 4 continents.

Most recently, The Institute of Geography and Institute of Marine Resources and Environment of Vietnam purchased two FlowQuest 600 acoustic current profilers with discharge measurement function. These systems will be used for measurement of water discharge for surveys in rivers and seas in Vietnam, particularly in flood seasons. With very fast ping rate, automatically adjusted cell size, no ambiguity error and solid bottom tracking capability, the Discharge Measurement function in FlowQuest profilers is capable of more accurately measuring both normal and unsteady (or tidally affected) flow. It is also dramatically faster than conventional discharge measurement systems and has improved accuracy.

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