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Fugro Seastar AS announces new satellite navigation service
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2009 @ 10:00:00 EST

Fugro Seastar AS announces new satellite navigation serviceFugro Seastar AS is pleased to announce the introduction of a new service: SeaSTAR G2. This new high performance navigation service combines the navigation satellites of both the American GPS constellation and the Russian GLONASS constellation, to produce a composite GPS/GLONASS position solution.

The service utilises Fugro's own network of dual system reference stations to calculate 'orbit and clock' error corrections, on a satellite by satellite basis, for the two global navigation satellite systems thus providing consistent decimetre level accuracy positioning on a world wide basis.

As well as broadcasting the correction signals, Fugro provides the 'G2 Engine' - end user position processing software, which is embedded in compatible receivers (such as the Kongsberg Seatex DPS232).

At the present time the Russian GLONASS system does not offer full global coverage on a 24 hour basis, so in the Fugro system these satellites are used to supplement GPS, but when the Russian system does become fully available (which is expected by early 2011) it will be possible to select single system GPS or GLONASS modes for increased system independence.

Use of the full range of satellites from both the American and Russian systems ensures best possible service reception - even when satellite visibility is partially obstructed by large structures or ionospheric disturbances. Use of more satellites also improves reliability by confirming data integrity.

The G2 service has undergone extensive laboratory and field tests and will be available from 1st February 2009.

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