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Bowtech maintain their lead in emerging image solutions
Date: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 @ 11:00:00 EST

Bowtech maintain their lead in emerging image solutionsAs the year draws to a close, Bowtech Products are proud to announce they have consistently led the market throughout 2008, in emerging underwater video and LED lighting solutions.

Bowtech were the first company to bring Extreme Low Light (Cooled BIT EMCCD) camera technology to the subsea industry. This was achieved by a rapid response to customer driven demand for a long awaited replacement for the SIT cameras of old. The result was that Bowtech produced the Explorer EXTREME.

This, added to their innovative AquaVision tooling and HD cameras along with their complimentary LED lighting systems, has helped Bowtech Products maintain their lead in emerging subsea video solutions. Bowtech wish all our customers and suppliers a Happy Christmas and thank them for contributing toward our success in 2008.

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