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Marine Simulation LLC introduces ROVsim Pro
Date: Monday, December 29, 2008 @ 12:00:00 EST

Marine Simulation LLC introduces ROVsim ProROVsim Pro reflects a quantum level increase in sophistication and features specifically designed to meet the growing needs of ROV and undersea education professionals. After listening to feedback from users in the field, Marine Simulation LLC created an application designed from the ground up to be both flexible and modular. ROVsim Pro can be delivered in a wide variety of configurations to meet your organization's current needs and then later be upgraded as your future needs may require.

By modularizing the design and separating the program into distinct applications communicating over a simple network, ROVsim Pro can be used in virtually any training environment. Thanks to this new design, multiple ROV's operating in the same mission, multiple SONARS operating from a single ROV, or a single instructor simultaneously monitoring a group of vehicles are now possible with ROVsim Pro.

ROVsim Pro consists of three main applications

ROV pilot application
This application displays the primary ROV video monitor in a realistically designed single window. All operator controls are supported either externally through a custom hand controller or through standard input devices and a bottom screen control panel. ROVsim Pro supports up to 25 separate user configurable digital and analog inputs so virtually any external USB device can be adapted to work with it. With just a few clicks, the video overlay as well as physical and dynamic operating characteristics of the vehicle can be changed to simulate a wide range of observation class ROVs. And with just a few more clicks, the environment can be changed from clear and tranquil to zero visibility with dangerous currents. No other ROV simulator on the market offers this much flexibility at this price point.

Instructor remote control application
Running on a separate computer connected to the student's application through a network, the instructor's application displays the student's ROV in its operating environment. The instructor may change his view of the operating area to any angle or distance he desires. From a single control panel, current, visibility and casualties are all under his control. With a few simple clicks, the instructor can disable the student's video camera, simulate a thruster casualty and alter the environment's currents, thus creating a dynamic learning environment with infinite possibilities and challenges. The instructor's application can also record the mission for later playback and review with the student. One of the most powerful features of this application is that it be used to control and monitor multiple simultaneous student pilot applications, optimizing instructor productivity while maximizing student hands on time.

Dedicated SONAR application
A wide variety of SONARs as well as simultaneous multiple SONAR displays are supported. Once the SONAR application connects to the network it automatically launches whatever mission is currently being run by the pilot application. Both 2D navigation as well as 3D imaging technology can be simulated and the user interface can be custom configured to simulate nearly any SONAR system currently available.

ROVsim Pro is the latest addition to the ROVsim family of ROV simulators. Other products by Marine Simulation LLC include ROVsim Lite and the ROVsim Undersea Pilot Series, Volumes One and Two.

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