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Applied Signal Technology, Inc. partners with Saab Underwater Systems
Date: Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 09:00:00 EST

Applied Signal Technology, Inc. partners with Saab Underwater Systems to launch new Double Eagle systemApplied Signal Technology, Inc. partners with Saab Underwater Systems to launch new Double Eagle system

Applied Signal Technology, Inc. (AST), a market leader in advanced undersea imaging systems, recently participated in a live demonstration of its PROSAS Surveyor synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) system during a launch event celebrating Saab Underwater Systems' new underwater vehicle, the Double Eagle semi-autonomous remotely operated vehicle (SAROV).

PROSAS Surveyor is a real-time, ultra high resolution synthetic aperture sonar system based on a modular design and open architecture. The system has been successfully deployed onto a variety of underwater platforms, including Hydroid's REMUS 600 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and MacArtney's FOCUS-2 remotely operated tow vehicle (ROTV).

For this demonstration, PROSAS Surveyor was integrated onto the Double Eagle SAROV, a unique hybrid underwater vehicle that can be operated as either an AUV or as a ROTV. From a single configuration and platform, PROSAS Surveyor simultaneously provided SAS, multibeam sidescan, and bathymetry from the same sensor.

The two-day demonstration and workshop, held at Saab's Motala, Sweden facility, was attended by thirty guests from ten countries with representatives from the defense and offshore oil exploration communities. As participants were briefed on the new system aboard the S/S Motala Express, the Double Eagle SAROV and PROSAS Surveyor performed a pre-programmed, two-hour mission on Lake Vattern and presented sonar data with 3 cm x 3 cm resolution over 150 meters range per side. Images of objects planted on the lake bottom were downloaded from an onboard recorder and viewed immediately upon recovery of the vehicle.

"PROSAS Surveyor performed exceptionally well during the trials and demonstrated that it is a mature, highly modular, high performance sonar that meets a broad range of customer requirements," said John F. Pesaturo, Vice President of AST's Sensor Systems division. "The ability to produce high resolution sonar data in real-time across the entire swath not only results in superior underwater imagery, but also in increased area coverage rates that saves users time and money."

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