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Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 @ 12:47:48 EST

AC-CESS, ACROV, MiniROV, Micro ROVLeading Micro ROV manufacturer AC-CESS Co UK Ltd (Aberdeen, Scotland) has announced the delivery of an AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System to CDF Commercial Diving Fankhauser / TAF Taucharbeiten AG (CDF / TAF) of Niederried, Kallnach, Switzerland.

As Switzerland’s leading commercial diving company, CDF / TAF specialise in underwater construction, engineering, industrial cleaning and inspection.  Managing Director Mr André Fankhauser was quick to see the potential of the AC-ROV system: “Of all the system’s we looked at, the AC-ROV was the best suited to our requirement.  A portable one case system, the AC-ROV is highly suited to confined industrial environments, its ingress capability, mobility and robustness really set it apart from other systems.  It is the ideal visual tool for inland commercial diving, for general inspection or as a safety device to be deployed with the dive team.”

The 120 meter tether system is hard at work on a pipe line inspection job in the 3 Lakes Region of the country.

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