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Cooper Interconnect announces new Burton Underwater Ethernet assemblies
Date: Thursday, November 06, 2008 @ 13:00:00 EST

Cooper Interconnect announces new Burton Underwater Ethernet assembliesCooper Interconnect has released its new Underwater Ethernet cable assemblies that provide both ethernet and power capability in one assembly. Assemblies are rated up to 10,000 PSI with 1 Gb/s high-speed performance, and power up to 600 Volts.

Custom cables have been designed and built from the ground up for the subsea environment. Even at full ocean depth you will see very little change in performance.

Cooper Interconnect's assemblies help reduce costs and improve efficiency by reducing the number of cables and connectors needed for ethernet and power capabilities. They feature the proven Burton 5500 Series connector, mated with robust cables for the toughest applications, such as ROV operations, offshore exploration and drilling; anywhere speed and power are needed.

Assemblies can be customized for specific uses and will maintain performance at full ocean depth and long cable lengths.

The Burton line of rugged and reliable underwater connectors have been manufactured since 1945. The 5500 series of connectors are the industry standard in the subsea market.

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