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Oceaneering – Cybernetix teaming agreement
Date: Friday, October 24, 2008 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Oceaneering – Cybernetix teaming agreementOceaneering and Cybernetix are combining their unique subsea technologies and experience to develop the next generation Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, SWIMMER, to provide work class ROV capabilities in an AUV system.

Cybernetix brings advanced AUV and docking technologies to a Worldwide Teaming Agreement; whereas Oceaneering contributes electric work class ROVs, electric tooling packages and deepwater operational expertise. The SWIMMER work class AUV is intended to support both deepwater and arctic operations. Oceaneering and Cybernetix will jointly conduct SWIMMER operations in an Integrated Services approach under Oceaneering operational leadership.

Long range offsets, under-ice or deepwater can be accessed by SWIMMER with its onboard ROV and Tooling, it will provide a wide range of ROV support functions and AUV functions (inspection and survey) on long duration operations year round.

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