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VideoRay now available with LYYN Inside
Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008 @ 15:00:00 EDT

VideoRay now available with LYYN InsideFollowing the successful introduction of LYYN T38 to VideoRay users, there are many witnesses to its usefulness. However, since one of the strong points of the VideoRay ROV is its portability it introduced extra equipment necessary to carry around.

"We have had several requests from users to have LYYN inside our products, and since LYYNs recent introduction the LYYN Hawk Board I am happy to say that this is now available," says Chris Gibson, VideoRay Director Sales & Marketing.

VideoRay will demonstrate the LYYN Inside solution to the VideoRay customers, ROV users and VideoRay's dealer network at the Micro-ROV Conference - VIPS 2008 (VideoRay International Partner Symposium) at the end of October.

A VideoRay Pro 3 Control Console with the integrated LYYN Hawk control panel to the left
A VideoRay Pro 3 control console with integrated LYYN Hawk control panel (left)

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