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IXSEA contract awarded by LD TravOcean for GAPS USBL
Date: Thursday, July 24, 2008 @ 12:00:00 EDT

IXSEA contract awarded by LD TravOcean for GAPS USBLIXSEA won a contract from the French based submarine cable installation company, LD TravOcean for a GAPS USBL.

The portable and calibration free Global Acoustic Positioning System (GAPS) combines USBL, INS and GPS technologies. The most accurate USBL in its category, it works in deep or extremely shallow water.

"LD TravOcean trialed the GAPS system for six months and saw its excellent positioning capability in very shallow water, where other systems had faltered," said Hubert Pelletier of IXSEA.

"After a number of trials in extreme environments, such as very shallow water where standard USBLs lose accuracy, GAPS is the only one which actually remained fully operational," said Philippe Talleu, LD TravOcean.

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