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Sonardyne Sentinel diver detection sonar succeeds in warm Asia Pacific waters
Date: Friday, July 11, 2008 @ 08:00:00 EDT

Sonardyne Sentinel diver detection sonar succeeds in warm Asia Pacific watersThe Sonardyne Sentinel diver detection sonar proved its effectiveness in tropical waters during a key demonstration is South East Asia. The presentation was seen as the final, crucial, step in proving Sentinel's capabilities in a variety of water columns around the globe. Bob Coutts, Sonardyne's sales manager for sonar systems in the region noted that the; "High ambient water temperature, sedimentation and excessive marine life noise coupled with shallow water and highly reverberant port and harbour conditions make this particular location one of the most challenging environments in the world for acoustic-based solutions".

The June demonstration was attended by key military and port security representatives from throughout the Asia-Pacific region who saw how the system excelled in the detection, tracking and classification of submerged and surface targets at long ranges.

The Sentinel trials team was led by Sonardyne's chief mechanical engineer Graham Brown who, working with a local diving company, demonstrated the speed of system deployment and ease of set-up in a typical busy harbour.

Guests were then able to witness a series of diver threat scenarios that confirmed Sentinel's rapid identification of the threats, its robust tracking, low rate of false alarms and its acoustic classification abilities.

Commenting on the results, Graham Brown said; "The success of these final tests provided conclusive evidence that whether we are operating in water at 8°C on the Atlantic Coast in February, or 28°C in South East Asia in June, we have proved that the robust tracking solution provided by Sentinel can be replicated in different mounting configurations and in different environmental conditions with little or no operator involvement or changes to the system set-up."

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