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CRSL publishes 9th edition of 'Construction Vessels of the World'
Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 @ 12:00:00 EDT

CRSL publishes 9th edition of 'Construction Vessels of the World'CRSL has published the latest edition, the nineth edition, of its vessel register, Construction Vessels of the World.

In all, this unique book reviews in detail over 1,300 vessels and extends to 805 pages to provide, quite simply, the finest reference available for anyone involved or interested in the marine side of offshore operations. For this new edition we have added numerous newbuilds and conversions and at the same time re-checked every item of data and updated this as necessary for all existing vessel entries. You'll be able to see from the typical pages illustrated here, just how comprehensive this data is, giving you every shred of ownership, performance, specification and capacity detail you'll need and more.

9th Edition of 'Construction Vessels of the World'Full details including ownership/management, builder and launch date, conversion yard and conversion date, classification, specifications, capacities, propulsion, accommodation and a wide range of additional relevant operating data is included for the following classes of vessels. Note, figures in brackets indicate the number of vessels of this type included in the book.
  • Accommodation units (57)
  • Cable lay ships (59)
  • Derrick crane barges/ships (114)
  • Derrick/lay barges (48)
  • Dredgers/rock dumpers (224)
  • Heavy lift vessels (211)
  • Multi purpose support vessels/Diving support vessels (228)
  • Pipe lay/pipe bury barges (56)
  • Pontoon barges (205)
  • Transportation deck barges (70)
  • Well stimulation vessels (30)

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