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Teledyne RD Instruments' DVS now rated for 6000m
Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 @ 08:00:00 EDT

Teledyne RD Instruments' DVS now rated for 6000mBy popular demand, Teledyne RD Instruments' newly released Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS) is now available for 6000m operation. Teledyne RD Instruments' low-power DVS is ideally suited for your long-term shallow – and now deep-water – moored current measurement applications.

The DVS can provide substantially improved data quality over traditional single point solutions, allowing for up to 5 bins of high resolution velocity data over a range of up to 5M.

The DVS offers you the proven precision and reliability that Teledyne RDI is known for in a package and price point that meets your needs.

The new low power DVS offers an advanced alternative to single point current meters, offering up to 5 bins of high resolution data, plus the following unique technology advantages.

Product features

• Four-beam Janus configuration for a profile of the error velocity - high error velocities in the near bins would indicate inhomogeneous flow due to the mooring line.

• High precision: The DVS measures velocity profiles at up to 100 times per second, allowing mm/s precision at a 1 Hz update rate.

• Multi-tasking capability: The DVS can be programmed to run a pre-configured sampling strategy, which need not be interrupted should the operator decide to communicate with the DVS to download data or command additional samples.

• Optional next-generation internal inductive modem and high-precision (0.005 °C) thermistor, both from Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.

• High sample-rate solid-state compass/tilt sensor: measures at up to 15 Hz, which we use to help identify periods of mooring line strumming in the data.

Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS)
Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS)

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