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R/V 'Mt. Mitchell' outfitted with Kongsberg multibeam sonar spread
Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 @ 14:00:00 EDT

Mt. Mitchell outfitted with Kongsberg multibeam sonar spreadGlobal Seas, LLC, the operators of the Seattle, Washington based R/V Mt. Mitchell is pleased to announce the vessel has just been outfitted with a Kongsberg EM 120 and EM 710 High Resolution Multibeam Mapping System capable of meeting all relevant survey standards including those of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).

With these new systems, the Mt. Mitchell is able to map the deepest oceans in the world, surveying in waters to 11,000 meters. For shallow water surveying, in less than 11 meters, the Mt. Mitchell deploys a 34 foot, twin diesel engine launch. In addition the Mt. Mitchell has been outfitted with both an anti-roll tank as well as upsized anti-roll chocks. These additions will eliminate much of the boat's natural roll and provide prime conditions for more precise mapping. A 20 inch hull bottom sea chest has been installed to accommodate a Kongsberg High Precision Acoustic Position System (HiPAP) for tracking towed side scan, ROV and AUV. Other through hull sensors for scientific work can be deployed. This exciting development makes the R/V Mt. Mitchell one of the best privately owned vessels with state-of-the-art capability to perform seabed mapping to full ocean depth with an unrivaled resolution, coverage and accuracy.

The Mt. Mitchell will be operating this summer collecting data for Terrasond Surveys of Palmer Alaska, conducting nautical charting surveys of the Cook Inlet. Her sister ships, the Fairweather and Rainier continue operations in the NOAA fleet. These ships have been commended as extremely efficient platforms for conducting coastal hydrographic survey operations.

The Mt. Mitchell is also expected to work with UTEC Survey, Inc., a Houston corporation, mapping a cable route along the West Coast of the United States.

Mt. Mitchell, commissioned in 1968, had been in service as a Hydrographic Survey Ship with the NOAA. She was completely refurbished and updated by Global Seas and put back into service in 2004. This significant modernization to the highest SOLAS, ABS and USCG standards provides an unmatched habitability standard for crew and scientific compliment. During this most recent dry dock, the Mt. Mitchell completed a rigorous five year ABS special survey. This unique, state of the art vessel boasts comfortable berthing for up to 47 non-crew personnel, a large galley with a 38-seat mess hall, a comfortable lounge, multiple computer and lab spaces with high-speed data connections, among other amenities. There are over 3,000 sq feet of working deck space accessible by a 15-ton pedestal crane, a 32ft. launch, and an articulating A frame.

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