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ISE and ECA awarded contract for K-STER ROV from Dept of National Defence of Can
Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 @ 14:00:00 EDT

ISE and ECA awarded contract for K-STER ROV from Dept of National Defence of CanadaThe Department of National Defence of Canada has awarded the Société ECA the contract to provide Canada with the latest technology in a Remote Control ID Vehicle (RCIDV). International Submarine Engineering Ltd is ECA's Agent for this sale.

K-STER is a low weight (50kg) selfpowered ROV linked to the surface for realtime control with a thin fibre optic. This is an Expendable Mine Disposal Vehicle (EMDV) designed for rapid clearance of all types of mines that features a patented tiltable head and a payload of up to 5kg, carrying a camera, light and sonar or other types of sensors. K-STER allows for easy deployment and gives a light, portable solution for short inspection tasks in water depths down to 300 meters, and up to 1000 meters from its launching point. K-STER has the ability to hover even when facing strong currents. Its operational speed is over 6 knots.

The ECA Group with its Head Office in Toulon, France has staff of 600 in six countries. The organization has four business entities; Robotics, Naval, Aerospace and Land. The Robotic group of ECA designs and manufactures mine countermeasure systems for inspection and intervention with over 450 vehicles sold to 20 navies, as well as designs towed systems, torpedo qualification systems, and equipment for acoustic positioning and hull inspection robots.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, ISE has been involved in the design and development of autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles for over 30 years. Working with North American and International customers, ISE's experience is represented by the over 210 underwater vehicles, 26 of which are AUVs, built and delivered to clients in 20 countries.

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