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The new SeaBat 7101 multibeam sonar system continues the success
Date: Monday, May 05, 2008 @ 10:00:00 EDT

The new SeaBat 7101 multibeam sonar system continues the successSince its release in 1996, the SeaBat 8101 has gained a formidable reputation for performance, reliability and ro-bustness. The new SeaBat 7101 multibeam sonar brings to the forefront, advanced technology utilized across all the ranges of the SeaBat 7000 series multibeam systems.

SeaBat 7101 is a small and lightweight sonar, which can be mounted on underwater vehicles (ROV or towed) or rapidly deployed onto survey craft of opportunity. This makes it ideal for a number of applications like subsea intervention & monitoring, guidance & navigation, site & route surveys as well as rig re-entry.

Reson SeaBat 7101A bathymetric sonar operating at 240kHz, the SeaBat 7101 measures discrete depths over a wide, 150° swath to a max-imum range of 500m. A true, time-delay beamformer uses a combination of amplitude and phase detect for maximum performance across the entire swath. Roll stabilization maximizes efficiency during survey operations. Dense sounding coverage is achieved with a combination of 240 equi-distant beams and a range-dependent ping rate of up to 40Hz.

The SeaBat 7101 transducer is available for operating depths of 120, 300, 1500, and 3,000 meters. It is available as a complete system or as an upgrade to the existing SeaBat 8101 systems. The SeaBat 7101 will be available from summer 2008.

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