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SRD introduced Eclipse sonar imaging system
Date: Friday, March 28, 2008 @ 08:00:00 EDT

SRD introduced Eclipse sonar imaging systemSubsea visualisation specialist SRD has introduced Eclipse, a new sonar imaging system with 3-Dimensional measurement capability. This is the first product launch since SRD's inclusion within the Tritech International Group. Aimed at the ROV market, it will be supported by Tritech's global distribution network.

Eclipse is ideally suited for all but the smallest subsea vehicles. A single housing incorporates an orthogonal pair of dual transmit and receive multibeam arrays, operating at 240kHz with a range of up to 120 metres.

EclipseEclipse uses SRD's innovative electronic transmit beam-shaping technology, providing the user with a high performance imaging system which is considerably more versatile than conventional 2D sonar. Eclipse can be used in Volume Visualisation, Forward Looking and Profile Imaging modes.

By electronically steering the horizontal or vertical transmit beam, a volume is illuminated ahead of the sonar. This is converted in real time into full 3-dimensional image. 3D Volume Visualisation provides a realistic graphical representation of scanned objects, ideal for ROV and AUV deployment in many subsea applications.

Eclipse image

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