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IXSEA launches Gradiomagis
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 @ 14:00:00 EDT

IXSEA launches GradiomagisIXSEA announced plans to launch Gradiomagis, the high precision gradiometer.

Gradiomagis is a truly omnidirectional gradiometer designed to map unexploded ordnance or other small metallic objects. Its real-time magnetic gradient computation allows for a better spatial resolution and sensitivity to detection features. It provides closely spaced sources, tighter anomalies around compact sources and easier delineation of pipe-like sources.

Key features include: real-time gradient computation, four magnetic probes as well as an altimeter, inclinometer, pressure sensor and optional acoustic positioning.

"Gradiomagis offers high spatial and amplitude sensitivity as well as high resolution gradiometric mosaic," said Robert Girault, Industrial Director, IXSEA. "It has worldwide coverage, no blind zone, alignment free and calibration free, and provides real-time georeferenced data."

The new Gradiomagis from IXSEA

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