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Kongsberg launches new HDTV color zoom camera
Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 @ 08:00:00 EDT

Kongsberg launches new HDTV color zoom cameraThe new Kongsberg Maritime OE14-502A High Definition Component Colour Zoom Camera is a compact multi-standard camera with the ability to change video output formats using the unique Kongsberg IR Remote Control or Graphical User Interface.

The OE14-502a underwater HDTV camera is designed and priced to be used for all general ROV inspection tasks. Component video output allows simple conversion to other alternative digital formats in an ROV pod including HD-SDI.

The oe14-502a is a multi-standard camera with the ability to change video formats by IR Remote Control (RC) or by Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Long line drive can be set by RC or GUI and allows the component signal to drive three matched coax cables with no degradation over two hundred metres. Colour balance can also be set to indoor, outdoor or Auto Tracking White (ATW).

The new OE14-502a underwater HDTV camera from Kongsberg MaritimeA domed water compensated port and optical zoom provides a close-up inspection capability combined with the flexibility of a 10x magnification for powerful stand off inspections.

The unique Kongsberg Maritime IR Remote Control also allows camera control set-up. Camera control can be single wire (tri-state), two wire (bi-polar), USB and RS485. RS232 is available as a factory set option.

The inclusive Kongsberg Maritime GUI provides control functionality via the digital link.

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