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Atlis awarded NMDB contract from Norwegian Hydrographic Service
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 @ 07:00:00 EST

Atlis awarded NMDB contract from Norwegian Hydrographic ServiceThe Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS) has awarded Atlis a contract to deliver a system for management and distribution of high-resolution bathymetric data (Norwegian Bathymetric Database NMDB).

Increased need for access to high-resolution bathymetric data and an increasing number of users expecting web-based access to data was the main reason for NHS to acquire an advanced new system to support the process of assembling, managing and distributing bathymetric data.

Atlis will deliver the Bathymetry and Distribution components of the QARTO product suite to NHS. Both components fully comply with NHS' requirements for the NMDB. QARTO has been designed and developed to support the core of the hydrographic production process including hydrographic data management and production of ENCs.

The NMDB will contribute to the improvement of internal production processes within NHS and to the improvement of all external distribution of bathymetric data for various purposes and in various collaborations. The NMDB project is part of NHS' involvement in the Mareano program (

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