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Hydroid delivers REMUS 100 AUV to Naval Post-Graduate School
Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 @ 12:00:00 EST

Hydroid delivers REMUS 100 AUV to Naval Post-Graduate SchoolHydroid, LLC, a leading manufacturer of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, announced today that it has delivered on its contract for a REMUS 100 AUV from the Naval Postgraduate School. The contract called for a second specially configured REMUS 100 system to be used by the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering department's NPS Center for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Research. The two vehicles will be used as a part of the Office of Naval Research research program in advanced control initiatives including multiple vehicle operations and undersea docking experiments.

NPS is a research university at the graduate school level operated by the United States Navy. Located in Monterey, California, the NPS has long been a testing ground for the Navy's most advanced technology. The Center develops cutting edge technologies for unmanned underwater, surface and aerial vehicles, and specializes in the development of vehicle autonomy for Department of Defense use.

"The ability to test new guidance and control methodologies with a reliable and portable system , such as the REMUS 100, allows us to speed development and easily demonstrate in-water results," said Douglas Horner of the Naval Postgraduate School. "We are excited about continuing to work with this proven technology."

"With our already extensive relationship with the United States Naval forces for military reconnaissance missions, we are excited to see the research departments explore the potential of this technology," said Christopher von Alt, president and one of the co-founders of Hydroid. "We look forward to working with the team as they leverage the AUV's specialized payloads and enhanced capabilities in future research missions."

Hydroid's REMUS AUVs can be fitted with a number of different types of sensors and cameras and have been used to aid in hydrographic surveys, harbor security operations, debris field mapping and scientific sampling and mapping. Hydroid's AUVs are currently being used by many navies around the world, including the U.S. Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy, Singapore Navy, NATO Undersea Research Centre, Royal New Zealand Navy, Belgian Navy and German Navy Test Lab.

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