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E-marine announces new cable depot at Port of Salalah
Date: Thursday, January 17, 2008 @ 13:00:00 EST

E-marine announces new cable depot at Port of Salalah E-marine PJSC, UAE, the leading in the submarine cable solution provider in the region, today announced that their new state of the art cable depot in Port of Salalah, Sultanate of Oman is getting completion and will be ready soon for operation. This Cable Depot will consist of eight numbers of Submarine Cable Storage Tanks with huge capacity to store submersible cable and accessories, Office Space and General Storage area.

"This strategic location of cable depot in Port Of Salalah will enable E-marine to provide the coverage in the West of Indian Ocean, East of Africa and Red Sea. This location reduces the sailing time and E-marine can reach the farthest point in the region in short time. Being an experienced solution provider in the region, we always provide the best cost effective solution to our valued customer. Once this cable depot come into operation, Submarine cable network owners will be benefited with reduced restoration/repair cost and time, reduced outage time of their network, and hence an improved cable network service availability," said Mr. Omar Bin Kalban, MD&CEO of E-marine PJSC.

E-marine will place one of their cable ships with ROV at Port of Salalah to address the growing demand of cable repair jobs in the region. The depots will not only provide additional storage space for cable and spares but will remarkably improve operational efficiencies due to the customized design and state of the art facilities.

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