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OceanWorks awarded design-build project for Pangeo Subsea
Date: Thursday, January 17, 2008 @ 09:00:00 EST

OceanWorks awarded design-build project for Pangeo Subsea OceanWorks has been awarded a contract by PanGeo Subsea Inc., a Newfoundland based acoustic technology development company, to design and build their first Acoustic Corer. This subsea tool, the first in a suite of 3D sub-seabed imaging products, will produce a high resolution sub-seabed image that can be used to detect and locate geohazards such as large boulders or buried pipelines. In order to create this novel image the Acoustic Corer will require sonar heads to be very accurately scanned over the seabed to create a dense sampling grid over a survey area of 12 m in diameter.

OceanWorks is designing the subsea tool to be deployed in up to 600 meters of water from a typical oilfield support vessel. It is linked to the vessel via an electro-optical umbilical. The system is transported and launched in a compact configuration and unfolded using a hydraulic system as it approaches the seabed. The system is landed on the seabed where computer controlled servo motors will position the boom and sonar heads to create a 10 cm sampling grid to centimetric accuracy.

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