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DMT purchases 2 new vessels
Date: Thursday, January 03, 2008 @ 11:00:00 EST

DMT purchases 2 new vesselsDeep Marine Technology, Inc. (DMT) announces that it is adding two new vessels to its fleet - the 240ft DMT Sapphire ROV support vessel and the 220ft DMT Topaz saturation vessel.

The DMT Sapphire (formerly the Kelly Ann Candies) is equipped with a 40T knuckle boom crane, a subsea launch & recovery winch with 10,000ft of 1 1/2" cable, accommodations for 36, and is outfitted with a 150Hp, 10,000ft Triton XLS work class ROV.

The DMT Topaz (formerly the Agnes Candies) is equipped with a 40T knuckle boom crane, a 1,000 fsw 12 man saturation system, a gas mixing system, diver reclaim, 3 man bell, accommodations for 42, and a surface dive station.

The addition of these two vessels are just the latest in a growing number of acquisitions for Houston based Deep Marine Technology. They join the 240ft DMT Diamond and the 292ft DMT Emerald construction vessels.

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