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Hydroid awarded contract from Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Corporation
Date: Friday, November 23, 2007 @ 12:00:00 EST

Hydroid awarded contract from Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Corporation (UAEC)Hydroid, LLC, a leading manufacturer of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), announced today that the company was awarded a contract from the Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Corporation (UAEC) for a REMUS 100 AUV. The lightweight, compact, two-man portable REMUS 100 will feature an Edge Tech 2200S Side Scan Sonar System to enhance the UAEC's underwater exploration missions.

"At the UAEC, we believe in Hydroid as a company, and the REMUS as a capable, reliable tool for underwater survey and exploration," said John Chatterton, president of the UAEC and one of the world's most accomplished wreck divers. Chatterton is best-known for his six-year search to identify a sunken WWII U-boat he discovered off the coast of New Jersey, as told in the New York Time's bestselling book Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. He continued, "We truly feel like we are investing in the future and could not be more excited about having Hydroid's and Edge Tech's technology working for us. I've spent more than 20 years working as a commercial diver and the one thing I've learned is that you need the right tool for the job. REMUS is the right tool."

Chatterton and the UAEC are currently investigating the possibility of purchasing a second REMUS 100 unit, and plan to build their new company around the technology, due to its impressive functionality, portability and reliability. "I think AUV technology is definitely the future for underwater exploration," Chatterton continued. "Until now, there has been an issue with delivering reliable hardware that can support the promises of AUV technology. Hydroid has addressed this with the REMUS - it is just what we're looking for."

"We're proud that our REMUS technology is an important component of the new Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Corporation, and we're extremely excited to be working with John, a revered member of the diving community," said Christopher von Alt, president and one of the founders of Hydroid. "We look forward to working hand-in-hand with John and his team to provide them with the technology they need to make new and amazing undersea discoveries."

Hydroid's REMUS AUVs can be fitted with a number of different types of sensors and cameras and have been used to aid in hydrographic surveys, harbor security operations, debris field mapping and scientific sampling and mapping. Hydroid's AUVs are currently being used by many research facilities and Navies around the world.

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