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High Definition 1080i Recording & Playback With Overlay For ROV's
Date: Friday, November 23, 2007 @ 07:05:00 EST

High Definition 1080i Recording & Playback With Overlay For ROV's3Dive HD-DVR
The 3Dive HD-DVR system is the latest innovation in High Definition recording designed specifically for ROV underwater inspections, subsea survey's and commercial diving markets. The 3Dive system  records digitally HD quality video with overlay information and provides a real time “live” view of the HD resolution video and overlay and is fully compatible with the Kongsberg OE14-500/501 series HD 1080i cameras and the ROS Inspector HD 1080i camera.

The 3Dive HD-DVR 19” rack mount solution is easy to use with a simple record and stop operation. The HD video and overlay is recorded digitally simultaneously to two or more external hard disk drives one of which is the clients copy and another could be stored as a master backup copy.

The playback of the HD video with overlay is by using either the 3Dive HD software player or any compatible media player or video editing software. The 3Dive HD-DVR system is designed as the first step into High Definition Recording and Playback and as such protects your investment in future HD Technology.

True 1080i High Definition Recording
The 3Dive HD-DVR system uses the latest technology to record the camera image and overlay information in true 1080i resolution with no down scaling. The recordings of the master and customer copies are written simultaneously to external hard disk drives such as the 3Dive 19” rack mount hot swap 9TB NAS drive storage unit. The recordings are made using the MJPEG (.avi) file format which has no quality loss and is a standard file format that most computers will play without any special codecs installed unlike the MPEG2 & MPEG4 file formats, therefore making the media deliverable to your client.

HD Live View With Overlay
Full 1080i resolution HD live view with overlay for the pilot and observer can be viewed on either a High Definition flat screen or a computer screen that supports the required resolution.

HD Playback With Overlay
The HD video can be played back using a compatible media player  such as Windows Media Player or by using the 3Dive software player that is freely distributed with the recorded media. The HD video can easily be post edited if required using a video editing software package that supports the MJPEG (.avi) file format.

Multi-Channel High Definition Recording
The 3Dive system can accommodate multi-channel recording where more than one HD camera is fitted. One of the 3Dive HD-DVR’s would act as a master controlling the other HD-DVR units. This makes the multi-channel system compact and simple to operate.

3Dive HD-DVR Control Interface
The 3Dive software control interface is very easy to use with a simple record and stop operation. It has the facility to manually input free text messages on the fly in real time along with audio commentary. The 3Dive system can be controlled remotely by 3rd party software systems such as COABIS using the optional COABIS interface module. The 3Dive software control interface also has the option to control the ROS Inspector HD 1080i high definition camera.

Overlay Information
The 3Dive system can display overlay information from ROV sensors, data from the ships bridge or from third party software packages as long as the protocol for the data being transmitted is available to us in a format such as RS485, RS232 or TCP/IP. The positioning of the required overlay information, free text & company logo on the video image is user configurable using the simple 3Dive overlay GUI interface.

System Intergration With 3rd Party Systems
The 3Dive system has been designed in such a way that it can be modified to integrate with third party systems such as COABIS and because the 3Dive system is totally network IP based it can easily be accessed by the ships own network for access to the HD recordings.

Bespoke Modifications
The 3Dive HD-DVR system uses the very latest technology with the whole solution designed in-house by the 3Dive team, allowing us to offer bespoke modifications for specific client requirements. This is a feature that most other DVR systems can not offer.

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