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Fugro launches new global geoconsultancy business line
Date: Monday, October 01, 2007 @ 10:00:00 EDT

Fugro launches new global geoconsultancy business lineFugro has just launched the first of several developments designed to enhance the consultancy side of its offshore geotechnical and marine survey services. The initiative is designed to effectively harness Fugro's global expertise in the fields of engineering geophysics, engineering geology, geohazards, and geotechnics to create engineering solutions that help clients limit risks to wells and optimise the design, siting, and installation of (oil/gas) field development facilities.

The Global GeoConsulting Service will be established in three major geographical areas: Europe, United States and Asia/Pacific, with the collective objective of building a specialized consulting business in each region. It will operate across Fugro's Geotechnical and Survey Divisions, utilising the existing offices, infrastructure, and resources available in each region supplemented by strategic alliances, acquisitions, and increased recruitment. The full range of engineering geoscience, geohazard, and geotechnical consulting services will be offered through one operating company in each region.

For Europe, a dedicated consultancy unit is being set up in Great Yarmouth, UK as part of Fugro Limited which is based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. The Wallingford office already performs extensive consultancy work in the fields of engineering geology, geohazards, and geotechnical engineering. Furthermore it operates one of the world's most advanced soil testing laboratories. The expanded company will be renamed Fugro GeoConsulting Limited to reflect its new emphasis.

A new geoconsultancy company is also being formed in Houston, Texas, USA, where the specialist engineering geology and geohazard consulting group within Fugro GeoServices Inc. will merge with elements of the geotechnical engineering consultancy group of Fugro McClelland Marine Geosciences Inc. to form Fugro GeoConsulting Inc.

A third geoconsultancy operating company is planned in the near future to cover the Asia/Pacific region.

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