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SeeTrack Military AUV mine detection and classification system for Royal Navy
Date: Thursday, October 25, 2007 @ 14:00:00 EDT

SeeTrack Military AUV mine detection and classification system for Royal NavyThe Royal Navy's latest unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) will be equipped with SeeByte's sidescan embedded mine Computer Aided Detection and Classification (CAD/CAC) system, which forms part of the SeeTrack Military product line.

Under a contract with the UK MoD RECCE UUV program worth £5.5M, the Royal Navy is to receive two systems of Remus 600 UUVs, which will enhance the maritime mine countermeasures (MCM) capability of the fleet. They will allow the ability to undertake discrete mine reconnaissance and remote environmental assessments down to 200 metres in areas of interest in advance of conventional forces.

SeeByte's SeeTrack Military software provides a situation awareness solution that helps personnel conducting MCM operations to plan missions and build a single integrated picture of the operational environment by processing data from a wide variety of assets. The embedded CAD/CAC system will provide mine detection and classification capability that is dependent on the operational capability of the vehicle's assets.

Lieutenant Commander Paul Guiver, Underwater Defence Systems & Countermeasures Requirements Manager said: "These systems will not only be deployed from dedicated MCM platforms but will have the capability to be flown at short notice to operate from ships of opportunity globally. UUVs are covering new ground in MCM; allowing the Royal Navy to demonstrate its effectiveness whilst gaining operational experience to de-risk the Navy's Future Mine Countermeasures Capability programme. SeeByte Ltd has been a key strand in the development of advanced UUV technology".

SeeTrack Military's Product Manager Alastair Cormack said: "SeeByte Ltd is proud to support the Royal Nay's MCM operations by providing our embedded CAD/CAC system for the fleet's new vehicle. Our system supports sonar, video, navigation and environmental sensor products across all sizes of manned and unmanned systems, not just the new Remus 600, and therefore it can be fitted to any of the RN AUV fleet and any future assets. With built in support for import and export to existing geographic and tactical systems, operating in multinational operations is made easy".

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