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FlowQuest 1000H horizontal acoustic current profiler
Date: Thursday, October 04, 2007 @ 10:00:00 EDT

FlowQuest 1000H horizontal acoustic current profilerLinkQuest has recently added yet another new member in its FlowQuest acoustic current profiler family.

The new FlowQuest 1000H horizontal Acoustic Current Profiler precisely measures water velocities and water level in horizontally-oriented installations. It can be easily installed on an irrigation channel bank, a bridge abutment or a river bank. The specified range of the system is 40 meters with velocity accuracy of 0.25% +/- 2 mm/s and surface tracking (water level) accuracy of 0.25% +/- 1 mm/s. With its capability of significantly longer range, high accuracy and highly competitive cost, the FlowQuest 1000H system is a perfect choice for long-term real-time monitoring of flow, velocities and water levels in water channels, rivers, ports, harbors and estuaries.

FlowQuest 1000H Horizontal Acoustic Current Profiler


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