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Community device ontology team startup
Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 @ 05:34:16 EDT

The Marine Metadata Interoperability project announces a community project to develop an ontology of marine devices.

The Monterey Accelerated Research System illustrates the need for semantic interoperability in sensor systems. Click image to enlarge.The MMI project has begun a community collaboration to develop a new reference vocabulary, or ontology, for marine sensors and other devices. The effort will include representatives of major observing systems, vocabulary projects, and data systems. They will work together to construct a sophisticated set of terms that are related to each other and to other system concepts.

Intended products include one or more vocabularies whose terms can be referenced as URIs in specifications like SensorML, and that will be resolvable (e.g., through a web browser or an ontology server) to provide additional information as captured by the ontology.

MMI actively seeks participation of those with experience of marine or other environmental devices, to help guide the process and make the results as relevant, accurate, useful, and adopted by the community as possible.

MMI plans a kickoff telecon September 25; for more information and to sign up, visit

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