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GB Diving assisted with FOIROT installation
Date: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 @ 08:00:00 EDT

GB Diving assisted with FOIROT installationOn board of Seaway Heavy Lifting's crane barge vessel Stanislav Yudin GB Diving assisted in the installation of a FOIROT (Fixed Offshore Ice Resistant Oil Terminal) in the vicinity of Varandey for Lukoil.

The installation location is approx 100 nm south of Nova Zembla, an area which is known for its Arctic storms. For this reason, the installation was performed during the summer months.

The base structure, with a weight of 11.000 ton, was launched from a semi submersible barge. On its final position the base structure was ballasted down until the base structure was resting on the seabed. The ROV monitored the touch down of the structure.


Once on the final location, the structure was piled to the seabed by foundation piles, having a length of 40 metres and a weight of 90 tons. After this, the piles were swaged. Swaging deforms the pile such that a fixed connection is made with its guide and structure.

The ROV assisted during this entire operation. The ROV team consisted of a 3 men day shift and 3 men night shift, although the sun never went down during this project / period.

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