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i-Trencher success for EB
Date: Monday, October 01, 2007 @ 10:00:00 EDT

i-Trencher success for EBAnother recent addition to the EB project portfolio is the 85 tonne i Trencher being designed and built for Canyon Offshore, for high performance trenching in hard soil and deep waters.

The trencher is designed to reliably outperform existing trenching systems and can excavate a 2m deep trench using twin chain cutters. It is fitted with four heavy duty dredge pumps to remove spoil from the trench and can also be fitted with jetting swords if operating in appropriate soil conditions.

As a self propelled machine the trencher is ideal for infield work and tie backs (that are a feature of the North Sea) and will be supplied with an advanced EB handling system to allow safe launch and recovery in Sea State 5 conditions.

The project has benefited from EB's extensive experience in this field and also direct input from the operators at Canyon Offshore and their customer Subsea 7.

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