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GB Diving acquired by Smit
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2007 @ 17:58:58 EDT

GB Diving acquired by SmitThis morning, 12 September 2007, the announcement is made that GB Diving will become a business unit within the SMIT organisation with direct effect. The company will become the third subsea centre in SMIT's subsea network and soon will be operating under the name SMIT Subsea Europe.

This news may be unexpected by many, however, this change is also a logic development in the aspirations of the company with a view to serve our clients even better in the future. GB Diving did develop from a small local diving contractor into a company specialised in subsea operations in the Southern North Sea. The company nowadays is able to offer its services at a high quality level with associated safety records. The combination of state-of-the art equipment, the right mix of diving support vessels, the committed and skilled workforce and our down-to-earth and solution-providing attitude, distinguished us from our competitors.

By joining the SMIT organisation, we are now able to offer our services also in other areas of the world, where our customers are active, via our new sister companies: SMIT Subsea Africa and SMIT Subsea Middle East.

We, as the management of GB Diving, can assure to our customers that we will continue our services to you on a similar or even better basis. Under the new ownership we will keep servicing the industry with the same team of people that you are familiar with, and with the same enthusiasm and dedication you are used to.

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