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ROV Downunder sells three AC-ROV’S
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 @ 14:00:00 EDT

ROV Downunder sells three AC-ROV’SThe continuing success of the AC-CESS AC-ROV underwater inspection system in Australia has been reinforced with the sale of three more units by AC-ROV distributor ‘ROV Downunder'.

Facilitated by Mr Bill Bulloch - Managing Director of ROV Downunder, the units have been delivered to their new owners and have been hard at work from the offset.

Warwick Camplin of Camplin Diving Services, Port Douglas, Queensland explained the thinking behind his AC-ROV purchase:

"At Camplin we position ourselves as your one stop for any underwater work in any environment. With its portability, ease of deployment, control and high maneuverability the AC-ROV fits perfectly with our ethos"

Purchasing two AC-ROV systems in quick succession, Mr Graham Thompson of Underwater Observations P/L was delighted with the offshore performance of the first unit.

"The capable nature of the AC-ROV has led to a demand level we did not foresee. The decision to purchase the second system was client led, giving us a greater work scope and dual redundancy"

Mr Bulloch (ROV Downunder) was delighted with the sales, emphasising the AC-ROV's unique selling points of size, mobility and robustness as key to gaining a strong foothold in the Australia micro ROV sector.

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