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Fugro-Rovtech take delivery of 100th NETmc Marine DVR Inspector
Date: Friday, August 17, 2007 @ 16:00:00 EDT
Topic: INSPECTION NEWS (Topside)

Fugro-Rovtech take delivery of 100th NETmc Marine DVR InspectorNETmc Marine Ltd, designers of specialist digital video recorders and video overlays, are delighted to announce the sale of its 100th DVR Inspector. This landmark unit was delivered to Fugro-Rovtech as part of a 6 unit order bringing the ROV Company's tally of DVR Inspectors to 10.

Fugro-Rovtech have been using the DVR Inspector on a variety of projects for more than 2 years, during which time it has been used in conjunction with several industry standard inspection packages including Coabis and NetLink.

Gordon Kennedy, IRM Business Line Manager at Fugro-Rovtech, was the first project manager to use a DVR Inspector for a structural inspection back in 2004 and has been a keen supporter of the product ever since; he said "Even before the demise of the VCR Fugro-Rovtech had decided going digital for video acquisition was the way forward. The DVR Inspector ticks all the boxes we require from a DVR it is easy to use, flexible, robust and very reliable.

A NETmc Marine spokesman commented "We are delighted to get this order that includes our 100th DVR Inspector. Fugro-Rovtech has been at the forefront of the digital video acquisition age for a couple of years now and looks likely to lead from the front for the near future". Chris Darbyshire, Fugro-Rovtech Inspection Manager, added "Our experience of working with NETmc Marine has been excellent, it is important to know, when you are buying new technology that the support is there, especially when you are on a vessel in the middle of an important project. NETmc Marine seems to pride itself in going that little bit further to helps us in integrating the technology."

  Fugro-Rovtech receives the DVR Inspector from NETmc Marine.  
  Fugro-Rovtech receives the DVR Inspector from NETmc Marine.  

The DVR Inspector is a19" rack mountable MPEG DVR that can record at a variety of selectable bitrates. The system can be supplied with NETmc Marine's own in-house designed video overlay built-in which has two serial ports; thus allowing two different serial strings to be overlaid on the video. The system is fully controllable by the following integrity management software packages; Coabis, SCOPE, NetLink and Surespek and is supplied with application software including a remote control facility for networked units and editing software.

The DVR Inspector is the recorder of choice, for structural inspections, of Shell, BP West of Shetland, Talisman, Hess, Technip, Woodside in Australia and Shell in New Zealand.

NETmc Marine also design and sell video overlay equipment, camera and lamp power supplies as well as diver comms units. NETmc Marine has recently introduced a low cost range of DVRs, 73fifty, which includes a Black Box version that can store up to 72 hours of video, depending on bit rate selection.

For more information please contact the following:

NETmc Marine
Raymond Ruth
+44 (0) 1771 644001

  DVR Inspector  

DVR Inspector

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