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Fugro buys two more GRL simulators
Date: Monday, July 30, 2007 @ 10:00:00 EDT

Fugro buys two more GRL simulatorsGeneral Robotics Limited (GRL) has won an order for two additional ROVolution simulators from Fugro, which together with Fugro's existing ROVolution simulator will be used to train ROV pilots on both the new Fugro-built advanced work class ROV, the FCV 3000, and a typical Fugro-owned intermediate class ROV, the Seaeye Tiger.

The simulators will be delivered in the summer of 2007 and be sited in Aberdeen, Singapore and Macae (Brazil) to service these operating areas, where they will further extend the Fugro ROV pilot training programme.

The new simulators have been configured to model both the FCV 3000 ROV (equipped with a RigMaster grabber arm and Titan 4 manipulator) and the Seaeye Tiger ROV. Fugro's existing ROVolution simulator is being upgraded to the same specification. All the simulators have been equipped with a new hydrodynamic module to simulate the different operating characteristics of the electrically powered Seaeye Tiger, and the hydraulically operated FCV 3000.

"The GRL ROVolution simulators give Fugro the ability to provide structured and testable basic, intermediate and advanced ROV pilot training to all our ROV operating personnel during their career development with Fugro," said George Robertson, Fugro's Global ROV Training Manager. "This complements very well the initial "wet" pilot training received during the Fugro ROV Trainee Induction Course and subsequent "on-the-job" training." Beyond basic ROV pilot training, the range of both simple and complex ROV tasks which can be downloaded and practised on these simulators means that we can ensure that our operators are skilled in each before carrying them out offshore.

"Fugro chose GRL as its partner for advanced ROV simulation in early 2006. GRL has now streamlined its production and support processes, so even as we sell more systems we can deliver more quickly than ever before," said Dr. Jason Tisdall, Managing Director, General Robotics Limited. "This is significant for our relationship with Fugro because we can keep pace with their expanding training program, and Fugro appreciates the added value in speed and consistency of training that you can only get with a simulator based approach."

The ROVolution simulator is a 5 PC system running Windows XP with dual core processors. The system is equipped with a built-in firewall so GRL can give customers fast remote support over the internet and tunnel into their system over a secure encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) to take control of the simulator remotely. The system also allows remote upgrades to be delivered automatically.

"We find users get quite excited about the benefits of getting such rapid help which in terms of the level of support is precisely equivalent to having a GRL technician sitting beside you, whether you are in the North Sea or off West Africa", said Jason Tisdall.

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