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VideoRay joins with LYYN AB to deliver revolutionary video enhancement
Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 @ 19:00:00 EDT
Topic: INSPECTION NEWS (Topside)

VideoRay joins with LYYN AB to deliver revolutionary video enhancementVideoRay LLC, of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, announced an agreement today with LYYN AB of Lund, Sweden. The agreement will give VideoRay users of both existing and newly purchased systems - access to new video clarification technology. The LYYN T38 processes the video image captures by VideoRay submersibles to remove the "fog" of murky water and reveal the objects and targets that have previously been difficult or impossible to detect and recognize.

VideoRay expert Steven Borthwick of Subsea ROV Services based in Falkirk, Scotland, used the T38 on a recent mission inside a coal-fired power plant. The water in the tunnels was so muddy that no usable video was available without the T38. However, using the T38 images of mussels and silt buildup appeared. There was also sufficient detail to show that drawings from 1962 were an accurate depiction of the tunnel network.

"Without the LYYN technology we would not have been able to complete this job to anywhere near the level of completeness and precision" said Mr. Borthwick. "No one at the power station had ever seen what the interior looked like, and now they can arrange for a proper cleanup - without endangering divers for an inspection."

About LYYN
The T38 allows you to make adjustments to the clarity filter, size and placement real-time on the screen. Click image to enlarge.LYYN is an R&D company working with image enhancement for improving visibility in different industries. Behind the company's technology lies many years of research in the human vision system and image technologies. LYYN offers products and solutions based on a technical platform, V.E.T., Visibility Enhancement Technology. The platform works with digital still images and video from common color cameras, in real time, but also in post processing of stored material. V.E.T. improves visibility in for instance fog, haze, snow, rain, dust, darkness, etc. as well as in Sub Sea and medical applications. For more information please visit or, as seeing is believing, for high definition reference material from customers and partners.

About VideoRay
VideoRay now has far more Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in service around the world than any manufacturer, and is delivering additional ROVs at an increasing rate. Weighing just 8 pounds and starting at $5995 USD, VideoRays can be equipped with video cameras, sonar, positioning systems or other accessories, and are used for underwater surveys, offshore inspections, search and recovery, homeland defense, science, fish farming and a range of applications in underwater environments. See for more information.

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