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Bowtech replaces old incandescent bulbs with LED's
Date: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 @ 18:00:00 EDT

Bowtech replaces old incandescent bulbs with LED'sHot on the heels of the acclaimed launch of Bowtech's AquaVision LED-1600 light comes the unique LED-3000-BR (Bulb Replacement) LED LightEngine.

Featuring their latest LED technology it hails a new era in underwater illumination. The LED-3000-BR has been designed for retrofit to existing lamps such as the popular ROS QL-3000, or it can be supplied as a complete new lamp.

A unique feature is that it is capable of self regulating its temperature, enabling the lamp to operate in air as well as underwater.

The LED-3000-BR LED's produce over 4 times more light per watt, than an incandescent bulb.

The LED-3000-BR LightEngine has no fragile filament, is highly shock resistant (30G) and robust. With excellent longevity, the Bowtech LED-3000-BR has an effective lifetime greater than 100,000 hours.

This exceptional lifetime leads to an enormous 'in service' cost saving and reduction in down time over lamps with incandescent bulbs.

The LightEngine delivers a bright white light (6,600 k) with a high through water transmission. The light yield is 2,980 lumens when installed in a ROS QL-3000 housing and the light produced is ideal for floodlighting, video inspection and observation.

Download the LED-3000-BR datasheet (pdf) here.

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