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Fugro Survey Ltd names its new geohazard survey vessel M/V Fugro Discovery
Date: Thursday, March 15, 2007 @ 20:00:00 EDT

Fugro Survey Ltd names its new geohazard survey vessel M/V Fugro DiscoveryFugro will re-name its newly acquired vessel the M/V Fugro Discovery. Formerly the KV Tromsø, it is 70 m long with a breadth and draught of 12.6 m and 6 m respectively. It is destined to be equipped to a similar standard as the company's current flagship, Fugro Meridian, as a fully capable geohazard survey vessel with high resolution 2D seismic acquisition capability and eyeball ROV deployment options.

Initially it will be equipped with Fugro's remotely operated towed vehicle FOCUS-2 systems, high precision DGPS surface and USBL sub sea positioning systems which will be used to carry out this season's acoustic pipeline inspection program. It should be ready for operation in late April/early May.

M/V Fugro DiscoveryFugro Discovery will then complete its refit with the addition of a full complement of multibeam echo sounder, sonars, profilers, compressors, seismic sources, multi-channel seismic streamers and on-line and post processing capability. It will be available to clients as a multi-role survey vessel for rapid global deployment to provide geohazard survey capability from continental shelf to foot of continental slope and a comprehensive 2D seismic capability suitable for shallow gas and shallow target exploration surveys.

Fugro will continue to expand and replace its survey vessel fleet with modern vessels that are efficient, economic to operate and meet the highest environmental and safety standards.

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