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Matalsub - A Micro-ROV Innovator
Date: Monday, February 26, 2007 @ 10:00:37 EST

Matalsub - A Micro-ROV InnovatorNearly six years ago, VideoRay Model# A100039 (one of the first systems ever produced) was delivered to its new home in Sicily in March of 2001. Six days ago, it was brought back to the VideoRay factory for a system upgrade by its owner Caschetto Orazio of Metalsub di Caschetto Orazio & C. s.n.c, an Italian company specializing in underwater and maritime operations.

After countless missions, the system remains as functional and operational as it did when it first left the shop. Brett Kolb, VideoRay's Technical Service Manager said: "the sub was obviously well cared for and in great condition considering all the use it has gotten over the years." Some of those uses include open-ocean operations with the Coast Guard, polluted water tank inspection, internal basin surveys, and the inspection of sea-line (grills), propellers, commercial and petroleum tanker ship's rudders, and buoys.


Mr. Orazio states that "as far as the ROV VideoRay 2000 is concerned, I believe it is an excellent instrument to perform surveyor works of a various nature in the commercial sector, where I have obtained excellent results." He goes on to add that "the VideoRay 2000 is an instrument which gives us the possibility to assist in extreme underwater operations without putting our divers lives in danger and consequently avoiding relevant accidents and has the possibility to perform video inspections in places which are not accessible to divers."

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