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Phoenix locates Adam Air Flight 574
Date: Friday, February 23, 2007 @ 05:00:00 EST

Phoenix locates Adam Air Flight 574Phoenix International, Inc., (Phoenix) announced its key role in the successful discovery of Indonesian Adam Air Flight 574 lost west of Pare Pare, South Sulawesi in 5,500 feet of water. The Boeing 737-400 aircraft and its 102 passengers and crew were lost on a flight between Surabaya, Java and Manado. Indonesian authorities were uncertain of the cause of the crash, and whether or not the airplane crashed on land or at sea. After 11 days, parts of the aircraft washed ashore at Pare Pare confirming Flight 574 crashed in the ocean.

Phoenix, under contract to the U.S. Navy's Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, NAVSEA 00C (SUPSALV), mobilized a Towed Pinger Locator (TPL-40), L-3 Klein System 2000 side scan sonar, and operations crew to conduct the search and mapping effort. The TPL-40 is a passive listening device capable of receiving the acoustic emissions of the salt-water activated beacons that are common emergency equipment on board all commercial aircraft. Upon deploying the TPL and acquiring signals from the beacons, the Phoenix operations crew methodically worked to home on the beacons to refine their locations. Once done, the crew conducted a detailed side scan sonar survey of the entire debris field. All information and survey data were then passed to Indonesian representatives for their consideration in a recovery decision.

The successful search and mapping effort was conducted aboard the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office survey ship, USNS MARY SEARS (T-AGS 65).

Phoenix is SUPSALV's prime contractor for conducting underwater search and recovery operations to water depths of 20,000 feet worldwide. The company provides quality manned and unmanned underwater operations and engineering services to an international customer base. Areas of capability include Underwater Ship Inspection & Repair, US Navy & ABS Certified Underwater Welding, ROV Operations, Deep Ocean Search & Recovery, Subsea Construction Support, Submarine Rescue, and Underwater Equipment Design. Available resources include divers and diving systems, one-Atmosphere Diving Systems (ADS), Remotely Operated Vehicles and associated tooling systems, and turnkey engineering design and development capabilities.

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