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January 2004's Monthly Puzzle
Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 @ 15:06:46 EST

Test your geography....

"At the Airport"

A young man about to take off in his private super-jet spotted a pretty girl on the concourse.
"Hi, did you miss your flight?" he asked.
"Yes, and now I am stranded here for a few more days."
"I'd be glad to give you a lift," he offered.
"But," she replied, "you don't even know where I'm going!"
"It doesn't matter. I can take you there without going out of my way more than a few miles."

Naturally, the girl thought this was a fresh young man with a new line, and she refused his offer until he had told her where he was headed. She then realised he had been telling the truth and went with him.

Given that this sequence of events happened at the airport in Perth, Australia, can you say where the young man was heading?

Answer to January 2004's  puzzle.

The correct answer is Bermuda, which is on the opposite side of the planet to Australia, so the guy could head off in any direction without going out of his way.

Sumpguru was the ONLY person that responded and was well on the mark!

Thanks for your response Sumpguru.

James n Gina

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