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Digital Video Recorder
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 @ 18:50:41 EST

Netlink Inspection Systems release the latest product - Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Netlink Inspection System's Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a cost effective solution for recording both digital and analogue video in a format suitable for storage on DVD or CD.
The application is compatible with most video capture and sound cards, and is available in several different configurations: video recording with simple logging, video recording with simple eventing, and integration with a full featured eventing package (Inspection Manager Enterprise).

• Digitally records compressed MPEG-4 video and audio
• Video logs allow simple text logging while recording. Double clicking on a video log entry takes you straight to the correct point in the video
• Easy to use and configure

Single Channel DVR
• Standalone Video Recorder
• Video logs capability

Single Channel DVR with Simple Eventing
• Standalone Video Recorder
• Video logs capability
• Up to 10 customizable events
• Microsoft Excel can be used to analyze and produce reports

IME DVR (Coming Soon)
• Full integration with Inspection Manager Enterprise (IME) Suite 3.0
• Simply controlled from IME Capture Module
• Report on all logged events using IME Reporting Module or IME Review Module

• NTSC or PAL support through the video capture card
• Video capture is configurable up to 768x576 at 25fps (subject to video capture card)
• Audio capture options:
o 8 bit / 16 bit
o Mono / Stereo
o 11 kHz, 22kHz or 44kHz sampling rate
• MPEG-4 (768x576 @ 25fps) consumes approximately 1Gb of HDD space per hour
• Compatible with any video capture card with Microsoft DirectShow WDM compliant drivers.
• Compatible with any sound card with microphone or line in capabilities.

Recommended Capture Cards:
Osprey 210 (768 x 576 @ 25fps, NTSC or PAL)
Pinnacle TV Pro (384 x 288 @ 25 fps, NTSC or PAL)

Recommended PC Configuration
Pentium IV 3Ghz (Hyper threaded)
512 Mb Ram
180Gb HDD

Source: Netlink Inspection Systems

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