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ROVworld Subsea Information: June 2006

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· ROV NEWS: New Hybrid Deep-sea Vehicle Is Christened Nereus
· General: Sonardyne helps Russian team recover Airbus flight recorders from Black Sea
· ROV NEWS: VideoRay LLC and BlueView Announce Largest Multibeam Sonar Purchase
· ROV NEWS: Quest measures record 407°C in the deep sea
· ROV NEWS: Odyssey Marine Expands Shipwreck Search and Recovery Capabilities
· Science & Hi Tech: The jaws of death
· Subsea Telecom News: Tyco Telecommunications completes TWA-1 undersea cable system
· ROV NEWS: Submersible Systems increases fleet of Sub-Atlantic Ltd ROVs
· ROV NEWS: The Underwater Centre gets a new ROV
· AUV NEWS: Kongsberg reports high level of demand for AUVs
· ROV NEWS: SMD Hydrovision spin off Hyball ROV system maintenance to Sonavision Ltd
· ROV NEWS: Caledonian MacBrayne Buy AC-ROV
· Contract Awards: i -Tech choose SMD Hydrovision for new generation drill support ROVs
· ROV NEWS: Perry Slingsby Systems/Geoconsult complete Triton® XLS 11 & 12 sea trials
· Contract Awards: Onyx Special Services orders three Triton XLS Systems
· Onshore News: Deep Marine Technology hires DOV Manager

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